Wednesday, January 03, 2007

call it a day...

swiftly gone, they’ve waltzed by so fast…
oh the seconds, the minutes, the hours
Whoever said they can ever really last?
They won’t look back coz they’re not ours

Oh the seconds the minutes the hours that came and went…
Left you broken, left you tired, left you spent
Another year has passed and your heart is big yet bland
Tell me…why do you always keep it in your hand?

Has anyone ever said you’re beautiful?
Or they told you you were ugly?
Do you enjoy acting like a fool?
Or maybe… you’re just really unhappy?

You say you’re sad while everyone’s celebrating…
You have more than anyone can ever receive
you realize there’s more to just being entertaining…
Yet you never seem to have faith…never seem to believe…

You confuse your heart for your mind
You make believe, you live and believe your own lies
You have eyes that see yet you are blind
So now then, why don’t your smiles ever reach your eyes?

Go listen to what you really wish for you
What does your kept soul say?
Go till it bleeds you dry yet true
And only then can you call it a day.


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