Tuesday, February 27, 2007

and yes, you know it...

"the truest wisdom lies in a happy mind." -ella wheeler wilcox

it happens to you…
quickly, in a snap

your face lights up…
waking up..
from a really long nap…

you’re tickled by a thought
it makes you smile
all the battles you fought…
they’re gone for a while

there’s a warmth in your chest…
you giggle for a bit…
you settle for your best
and everything seems to fit

your life is far from perfect
but it’s perfectly fine
you learn to redirect
and you read the right signs

you take it with a grain of salt
things could be really worse
not everything’s your fault
and your life, definitely, not a curse

without warning, without a clue
it hits you when you least expect it
when all this time you were sorry and blue…
it’s your turn to redeem and collect it

ah yes, it can happen, even to you,
a misfit
finally…you’re actually happy
and yes,
you know it

you "fake" care...

"...certainty is a disease by kings, I am many things but a king..." - Sam Bicke as played by Sean Penn

started out a "typo"
i stop...and then i go.
instead of typing "take",
i unconsciously type "fake"

right there, before my eyes
i read it over...then realize...

sometimes people say they do,
but how do you know it's true?

sometimes we trust what is said
believe that honor is not dead...

when something turns out to be unreal,
there's no describing how you feel.

after confusion, there's disbelief...
after conclusion, there is grief.

and it's never really fair
when you promise to be there...
then you don't even dare...
and worse, you "fake" care :(