Friday, November 23, 2007

"Kellybites" the book

Since I got a lot of requests to come out with a book...lo and behold, my blog is now a book! =) A picture book collection of my favorite blog entries and poetry and some images you might find interesting enough to keep! =)

It's a dream realized so thank you...for the inspiration, the support and the curiosity I suppose, hee hee =)

There are only a few books available locally (initially) at the station (unit 906b Paragon Plaza Reliance cor. Edsa), after which you can get your copies off an online bookstore (to be announced soon), part of the proceeds will go to Project Brave Kids! =)

This is my way of sharing my philosophy...I'm hoping you find yourself in there too, everytime you read a line or two. =)

If you're interested and you wish to have a copy reserved in your name and for other inquiries, email me at =)

Bless your hearts always, always! =)


Kelly =)