Saturday, November 29, 2008

beats me.

I wonder why people do the things they do.
using whatever power they have to break you.
you want to fight back, but what's the use?
you keep to yourself so you have less to lose.

I do have a happy life and I'm doin' fine.
they probably don't so they hate and whine.
I feel for them, but I'd rather stay away.
pray for a stronger heart every single day.

the real you, they will never see.
it should be ok, just let them be.
they'll probably get tired of it eventually...
but why they do and say these things...(literally)
beats me:(

Monday, November 24, 2008

i apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused you when i shut down my previous multiply site, but i've recently gone back "multiply-ing" via ;)
please feel free to check it out:) 
much love and many thanks!


the novelty of "you"

you lose it...
every single bit.
in a second, in a minute.

everytime they pry
everytime you cry
everytime they ask the reason why.

the minute you show feeling
when they sense you healing
bit by bit they'll keep peeling
layers you desperately try sealing.

the moment they find out
what they think you are about.

they see who they want to see
to assume, like anything, is free.

but really it's ok , what harm can it do?
you'll only have lost the "novelty" and not
the real meaning of "you".

Saturday, November 15, 2008


didn't quite start the day right.
like i'm the only silly person in sight.
pick yourself up with all your might.
breathe in and resist the urge to bite.

"know-it-alls" all around you.
picking on every little thing you do.
sizing you up...and down, what's new?
thinking you're dumb and you haven't any clue.

please don't try my patience today.
i am really in no mood to play.
maybe try another day,
when my headache goes away...

weird i can never be one of them,
coming from a different root and stem...
so, what the heck am i still doing here?
ahem. ;(

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and then some.

had a long day, and got to thinking... 
real hard, and feel like sinking. 
wonder why people are this way and that 
without even knowing where your heart is at. 

they think they know every bit about you. 
like they're experts in everything you do. 
you lose your faith in them briefly... 
try to shake them off completely. 

then you don't remember them at all. 
ignore and drop each and every call. 

you suddenly feel light and free. 
suddenly, there's no one there, but me. 
life's funny that way, you feel numb. 
it throws you a bone sometimes... and then some.