Thursday, August 02, 2007

not yours...

When people are lost
and they don’t know

Losing sight of things
that come and go…

all they want is to take
Carefully molding
a spirit that’s so fake

Grabbing someone else’s personal piece
Like something that’s for rent or for lease
Never having an original thought
Copying without fear of being caught

Ah, pathetic really, this all seems...
Sadly, one of the most common, devious schemes
glorifying oneself with false brilliance
they are really those that have no resilience

whatever you say represents you…
whatever you do says a lot about you…
so, be who you really are
and not some wannabe star

or be a star, sure, coz you’re not
but please oh please, just be original…
You’re here to make a difference
Not to always check on a reference…

don’t be just a copy of someone you know
be yourself and don’t just go with the flow…
trying to make people think you’re cool
Ah, that is the major plan of a

would you rather realize, you’re nothing but
an empty shell who didn’t make the cut?
Or be the way you’re meant to be…
The you, that we’re really meant to see…

When you keep getting credit
for someone else’s scores
can you ever be really proud
of something that’s not yours?