Saturday, November 29, 2008

beats me.

I wonder why people do the things they do.
using whatever power they have to break you.
you want to fight back, but what's the use?
you keep to yourself so you have less to lose.

I do have a happy life and I'm doin' fine.
they probably don't so they hate and whine.
I feel for them, but I'd rather stay away.
pray for a stronger heart every single day.

the real you, they will never see.
it should be ok, just let them be.
they'll probably get tired of it eventually...
but why they do and say these things...(literally)
beats me:(

Monday, November 24, 2008

i apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused you when i shut down my previous multiply site, but i've recently gone back "multiply-ing" via ;)
please feel free to check it out:) 
much love and many thanks!


the novelty of "you"

you lose it...
every single bit.
in a second, in a minute.

everytime they pry
everytime you cry
everytime they ask the reason why.

the minute you show feeling
when they sense you healing
bit by bit they'll keep peeling
layers you desperately try sealing.

the moment they find out
what they think you are about.

they see who they want to see
to assume, like anything, is free.

but really it's ok , what harm can it do?
you'll only have lost the "novelty" and not
the real meaning of "you".

Saturday, November 15, 2008


didn't quite start the day right.
like i'm the only silly person in sight.
pick yourself up with all your might.
breathe in and resist the urge to bite.

"know-it-alls" all around you.
picking on every little thing you do.
sizing you up...and down, what's new?
thinking you're dumb and you haven't any clue.

please don't try my patience today.
i am really in no mood to play.
maybe try another day,
when my headache goes away...

weird i can never be one of them,
coming from a different root and stem...
so, what the heck am i still doing here?
ahem. ;(

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and then some.

had a long day, and got to thinking... 
real hard, and feel like sinking. 
wonder why people are this way and that 
without even knowing where your heart is at. 

they think they know every bit about you. 
like they're experts in everything you do. 
you lose your faith in them briefly... 
try to shake them off completely. 

then you don't remember them at all. 
ignore and drop each and every call. 

you suddenly feel light and free. 
suddenly, there's no one there, but me. 
life's funny that way, you feel numb. 
it throws you a bone sometimes... and then some.

Friday, November 23, 2007

"Kellybites" the book

Since I got a lot of requests to come out with a book...lo and behold, my blog is now a book! =) A picture book collection of my favorite blog entries and poetry and some images you might find interesting enough to keep! =)

It's a dream realized so thank you...for the inspiration, the support and the curiosity I suppose, hee hee =)

There are only a few books available locally (initially) at the station (unit 906b Paragon Plaza Reliance cor. Edsa), after which you can get your copies off an online bookstore (to be announced soon), part of the proceeds will go to Project Brave Kids! =)

This is my way of sharing my philosophy...I'm hoping you find yourself in there too, everytime you read a line or two. =)

If you're interested and you wish to have a copy reserved in your name and for other inquiries, email me at =)

Bless your hearts always, always! =)


Kelly =)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

not yours...

When people are lost
and they don’t know

Losing sight of things
that come and go…

all they want is to take
Carefully molding
a spirit that’s so fake

Grabbing someone else’s personal piece
Like something that’s for rent or for lease
Never having an original thought
Copying without fear of being caught

Ah, pathetic really, this all seems...
Sadly, one of the most common, devious schemes
glorifying oneself with false brilliance
they are really those that have no resilience

whatever you say represents you…
whatever you do says a lot about you…
so, be who you really are
and not some wannabe star

or be a star, sure, coz you’re not
but please oh please, just be original…
You’re here to make a difference
Not to always check on a reference…

don’t be just a copy of someone you know
be yourself and don’t just go with the flow…
trying to make people think you’re cool
Ah, that is the major plan of a

would you rather realize, you’re nothing but
an empty shell who didn’t make the cut?
Or be the way you’re meant to be…
The you, that we’re really meant to see…

When you keep getting credit
for someone else’s scores
can you ever be really proud
of something that’s not yours?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

wish "you"...whole

A heart’s dry spell,
A spirit’s drought
No water in the well…
No drop from the spout

soul is empty
need to refill…
count to twenty…
heart sits still

wait for thunder..
wait for rain…
to swim, to wade…
to drown the pain…

gag and wait
and dehydrate
squeeze your fate…
release the hate…

breathe in and gasp
for needed air…
hands in a clasp
a single prayer…

then waves they call
it stops your fall…
abates your thirst
tears then burst…

you drink at last
you wash your past
you soak your soul.
And wish “you”… whole.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

and yes, you know it...

"the truest wisdom lies in a happy mind." -ella wheeler wilcox

it happens to you…
quickly, in a snap

your face lights up…
waking up..
from a really long nap…

you’re tickled by a thought
it makes you smile
all the battles you fought…
they’re gone for a while

there’s a warmth in your chest…
you giggle for a bit…
you settle for your best
and everything seems to fit

your life is far from perfect
but it’s perfectly fine
you learn to redirect
and you read the right signs

you take it with a grain of salt
things could be really worse
not everything’s your fault
and your life, definitely, not a curse

without warning, without a clue
it hits you when you least expect it
when all this time you were sorry and blue…
it’s your turn to redeem and collect it

ah yes, it can happen, even to you,
a misfit
finally…you’re actually happy
and yes,
you know it

you "fake" care...

"...certainty is a disease by kings, I am many things but a king..." - Sam Bicke as played by Sean Penn

started out a "typo"
i stop...and then i go.
instead of typing "take",
i unconsciously type "fake"

right there, before my eyes
i read it over...then realize...

sometimes people say they do,
but how do you know it's true?

sometimes we trust what is said
believe that honor is not dead...

when something turns out to be unreal,
there's no describing how you feel.

after confusion, there's disbelief...
after conclusion, there is grief.

and it's never really fair
when you promise to be there...
then you don't even dare...
and worse, you "fake" care :(

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

loved "who" first?

“You are my sweetest downfall - I loved you first…” - Samson by Regina Spektor

gone through it once, gone through it twice,
The joy, the pain, the truth, the lies

Oh so not a game…no, not for the wise…
Unless you can hide that pain in your eyes…

Question is, who loved who first?
Is it a need, a hunger, a thirst?
Oh dear, you both are cursed
With a wonder, a doubt, on who loved who first…

But even if it were or were not you who did…
It is never easy to let go and get rid
Of the one you wish to be forever with…
Put away in a jar, tightly seal the lid…

The question should not be who, but how and why
And what made you smile and laugh and cry…

How much love did you give, how much love do you know?
Is it a ready, a get set and a go?
Or is it like playing tic, playing tac, playing toe?
Oh no…

Who loved who first? Who loved who more?
True love never ever really keeps score

Who loved who first? Hmmm…let us see
There can only be one answer, either you or me

But here’s a truce, a truth that is fair
Tell it like it is, to play this little dare

Who loved me first?
You did?…sigh
Who loved you more?
Oh?…well, so did I

Thursday, January 11, 2007

your truth be told...

Coming full circle…to the moon and back
Your heart turns red, turns blue, then

Going around in circles…you feel high, you feel low
You stand and endure
every hit…
every blow

You’ve been there, done that…
you get tired sometimes
You’ve been there, done that…
yet nothing rhymes

But look back …just for a second…and recognize
The you that you’ve become…just now…and realize

That just as you ask for more…you actually have enough
That your aching heart forgives even when you act tough…

Do let it go, whatever it is…life is actually good
the silver lining is there… embrace it if you would.

Free yourself…breathe and just be
The soul you’re meant to be, the soul they never see

Be brave…don’t hold back..release and behold
The true color of your heart… as your truth be told

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

call it a day...

swiftly gone, they’ve waltzed by so fast…
oh the seconds, the minutes, the hours
Whoever said they can ever really last?
They won’t look back coz they’re not ours

Oh the seconds the minutes the hours that came and went…
Left you broken, left you tired, left you spent
Another year has passed and your heart is big yet bland
Tell me…why do you always keep it in your hand?

Has anyone ever said you’re beautiful?
Or they told you you were ugly?
Do you enjoy acting like a fool?
Or maybe… you’re just really unhappy?

You say you’re sad while everyone’s celebrating…
You have more than anyone can ever receive
you realize there’s more to just being entertaining…
Yet you never seem to have faith…never seem to believe…

You confuse your heart for your mind
You make believe, you live and believe your own lies
You have eyes that see yet you are blind
So now then, why don’t your smiles ever reach your eyes?

Go listen to what you really wish for you
What does your kept soul say?
Go till it bleeds you dry yet true
And only then can you call it a day.


Some of us fear so much what lies ahead
To face the truth the minute you get out of bed

Should we really stop, should we really start?
Should we let things mold us or tear us apart?

So many things to do, so much more to be
try to find yourself in everything you hear and see…

You’re faced with swift moves and slow dances
And you realize that you actually get second chances

Hopes and aspirations are always good
Hold on to your dreams, live life like you should

But there’s a quiet comfort in not knowing
When you seize to be or where your life is going…

Some things are better left unsaid, some better left undone.
Even after you’ve tried every trick in the book and under the sun.

You sit and stare, you listen in silence.
You take in some darkness, soak up some reverence

Some things are better left that way…
You just absorb it quietly like an essay...

just the relief of knowing, of accepting...
not whether you're coming nor going...

It’s not about a purpose that has diminished
just the reality of things unfinished.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the Chaplin effect...

face so white, so glum, so pale...
he squints, he fidgets...his funny walks...
frame so slim, so sleek, so frail...
he stares, he twitches...he never talks.

made you smile, made you laugh...
wide eyes speak more than what you see.
he cut your bitterness in half...
underneath his heart screams silently.

laughter drowns his soul’s real meaning...
as he twirls his cane and bids goodbye...
in return you’re entertained and gleaming...
he’s never asked how, he’s never asked why...

while you swallow some blades and walk the tight ropes...
don’t compromise too much and keep your high hopes...
guard your identity, value your spirit, by all means, protect...
when you’re blessed and cursed with… the Chaplin effect.